Innovative Products to Support Modern
Healthcare Delivery

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FirstDoseTM Decentralized Medication Storage & Security
Modernize your starter dose methodology with FirstDose, a common sense decentralized medication management cabinet that greatly improves accountability and inventory management.
CartWatchTM Remote Management Software
CartWatch RMS permits complete cart fleet security and user access control from a single remote PC location in your facility.
PowerWatchTM Battery Monitoring Software
PowerWatch Monitoring Software gives your facility IT and clinical teams a real-time and ever-present view into the power system health of your computer workstations or integrated medication carts.

Monitor Wall Arms
Monitor ArmsMaximum versatility and efficiency at the point-of-care.

Visually appealing and engineered for reliable function, the AX Series Monitor Arm System breaks new ground for ergonomic computing and clinical documentation support.

The AX Series Monitor Arm and Wall Mount System from Capsa Solutions lets you select the combination of components and build your ideal health IT workstation. So whether your application requires the lightweight agility of the AXS System or the enhanced support of our AXL System, you can be confident your EHR workstation is reliable, functional, and easy-to-use.

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