Computer Monitor Arms

AX Series Laptop and Monitor Arms

Options & Accessories for Medical Cart LCD Monitor Mounts and Wall Arm Mounts
In Your Hospital or Healthcare Facility

For long term care and acute care facilities ready to embrace the advantages of eMAR and
other technological advancements in medication control, Capsa offers your choice of laptop PC
mounting solutions for your medication carts. Simple to use and designed for ergonomic flexibility,
these mounting solutions are designed with your needs in mind.

Medical Cart Monitor Arm

Rear Mount

AX Series arm & mount for Avalo Series carts
(Part # 202000) 

 Monitor Mount

Top Mount

AX Series arm & mount for M-Series, Vintage and
I-Series carts (top mount)
(Part # 202001) 

 Computer Mount

Mounting on VX or MX Computer Workstations

AX Series arm for Mobile Computer carts
(Part # 600505)

Adding an optional AX Series Arm Mount to VX Series and MX Series Computing Workstations requires pre-sale testing by Capsa Solutions to measure tip safety.

Fixed link sold separately

 Medical Work Station Monitor Arm AX Series fixed link extension
(Part # 600503)