Sterile Prep Stations

Sterile Prep Workstations / Processing Tables

The most ergonomic product available for sterile prep.

Sterile Prep TableDesigned with a focus on ergonomics and functionality.

Capsa’s line of Ergo-Smart Prep Stations are ideal for any sterile processing environment. All tools and supplies are within easy reach. The table top can be raised and lowered to the ergonomically correct height, reducing the back strain that can sometimes lead to injury.

The Ergo-Smart® Prep Station from Capsa Solutions was created with a focus on ergonomic design and functionality. Capsa researched the needs of the sterile prep department to create a product that offers the perfect platform for success.

The most ergonomic product available for sterile prep, with not only adjustable table height, but also pull-out shelf’s, table top, adjustable footrest, overhead lighting and much more“No Tool” AssemblyCompletely customizable with extensive accessory options“Clean” table top for maximum work spaceAvailable in four table lengths, 48”, 60”, 72” and 84”Increase effectiveness, efficiency and workplace “happiness”Established packages featuring many options, or you can “build your own"Available in electric or manual models