Medication Cart Accessories

LTCi Mobile Medication Cart Accessories

Hospital Computing Cart Storage Containers & Cart Accessories

Accessories, Options & Organization

Streamlined nurse workflow is assured with a full complement of
convenience accessories, organizing supplies at the point-of-care.

Sharps And Gloves Containers Storage Module Medication Cart Waste Container
Sharps / Glove Containers
The external mount Sharps Collector can be placed in a number of
locations on the cart.

Storage Module
A convenient Multi-Cavity Storage Module organizes supplies and commonly used items within easy
reach of the primary work area.

Waste Container with Lid
The large-volume Waste Container
and Lid minimizes liner changes and simplifies the waste disposal process.
Medication Cart Writing Table Medication Cart IV Pole  Medication Cart Clear Top Mat
Writing Surface
The slide-out extended work surface greatly expands the work area and
can be positioned on either side of
the cart.
I.V. Pole
The optional IV Pole is securely mounted to the cart and offers adjustable height function.
Clear Top Mat
A clear top mat can protect instructional documents and simplify cart maintenance and clean-up.
Narcotics Storage Drawer  Integrated Drawer Dividers
Monitor Height Adjuster
Narcotics Storage
Safe and secure with your choice of lock systems, Artromick Narcotic Storage boxes can be located in any drawer on the medication cart.
Drawer Dividers
Integrated Drawer Dividers offer the flexibility to arrange and re-arrange
the drawer contents.

Monitor Height Adjustment
Select this convenient option to
provide independent height
adjustment of your LCD monitor
or All-in-One PC.

Computing Cart Tracking Wheel Computing Cart Bulk Storage Medical Drawer ID Label
Tracking Wheel
The addition of a tracking wheel provides the user with straight line directional assistance.
Bulk Storage
Keep your work surface clear of
clutter with
this large bulk storage bin.
Drawer ID Label
Keep organized by labeling your drawer contents.

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